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204x_mg_mf_kobiGH Rap has over the last few months gained grounds and has become the preferred genre for most young people.

What started as an underground movement and for most people some form of play in bedrooms and ghetto studio is fast becoming a part of main stream music in Ghana.

Today there are GH albums released and various beautifully shot GH Rap Videos.

Artistes of the genre have made the country proud by participating in International competitions and bringing fame and recognition to Ghana. Every genre goes through processes to get entrenched; some see the GH Rap as a variation of hip life especially as some refer to Reggie Rockstone as its father as well. What ever the case may be and how ever we define GH Rap, we believe in it and love it. The time has come to move it to the next level.

GH Rap has proven to be viable over the months and if artistes position themselves well soon rather than later we will begin to rip the benefits of the genre. The time has come for GH Rap artiste get professional help. There should be managers, labels and agents in the business now. GH Rap has proven to be a viable commercial venture, the artistes should take advantage get professional help, promote their albums and song professionally and stop giving it up for free and making it available for free downloads.

Credit: modernghana.com

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