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Finally X’posed


Mauvie Hayford

Mauvie Hayford

XFm is Accra’s Newest addition to contemporary urban radio and a star studded line up is getting ready to hit the city pretty soon with an array of seasoned presenter’s who clearly know what they are about and also,know the ins and outs of the industry.

Mauvie Hayford is the hottest diva to be publicly Xposed on Xfm’s facebook fan page.

Name: Mauvie Hayford

Nickname: None everyone has a name for me but I like Mau short for my name. I love my name

Describe what you do at 95.1 Xfm: Personality

Why should anyone listen to 95.1 Xfm: Because I’M here

You are X because: I’m different 

mauviYour hobbies: shopping, swimming & music 

Most X vacation spot: My friends house in Coventry, mwah

Which person would you most like to meet- living or dead? Michelle Obama 

Most X perfume/ cologne: Sensi

Most X TV-series: Efie Wura 

Most X Writer: Lauren Weisberger devil wears prada
Most X color: Dark shades of PURPLE 

Most X song ever: More than a woman Angie Stone FT Calvin Richardson
Most X song at this moment: Te Amo Rihanna

Most X drink: Mojito with lots of mint please mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Most X feeling in the world: Sleeping after a night out (I can never remember it but it feels good)
mauvi2If I were a famous building or piece of architecture I’d be: Taj Mahal. It’s the most beautiful building in the world

If I were a feeling I’d be: Confidence
If I were a city I’d be: ATL, quiet in the day, jamming at night

If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be: Love seat. There’s normally room for just TWO

 Click on the link  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xfm-951/149471563011  

to join the Xfm fan page and be the first to interact with the Xfm crew,send shout outs and request’s.

Emmanuel Gwem-Xfm95.1

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