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Clash at BBC HQ before broadcast

BBCAnti-fascist protesters have clashed with police outside BBC TV centre ahead of British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time. About 25 protesters broke through a gate and entered the building before police caught and removed them.

Several hundred people are taking part in the protests. Deputy director general Mark Byford earlier defended the BBC’s decision saying it was part of the corporation’s “responsibility of due impartiality”. The BBC said the disruption was dealt with promptly.

A spokesman for the corporation said: “A small number of people managed to get into Television Centre. “However, they were identified and are being escorted from the building quickly.” A Metropolitan Police spokesman said it was not aware of any arrests so far.

The protesters, numbering about 500, were on an impromptu march down Wood Lane when the violence erupted. Security guards had opened a gate to let a car into the front car park when about 30 protesters jumped over the barrier and ran towards the building.

Lukas Keudic, 20, a student at King’s College London, was one of those who managed to get to the doors of the studio where the controversial debate was being held. He said: “We were in the main reception next to Piers Morgan when about 30 police officers turned up. There were about 10 to 20 of us and we were just standing there chanting in a peaceful protest.

“We spoke to the police and they started grabbing us. They grabbed one person and we started chanting ‘Ian Tomlinson’ and then they put us into a corner.” Mr Griffin told Sky News he planned to try and get into TV centre for the recording of the programme “If I possibly can”. He said: “We will get in, if we can get in, if we can do so without having to force our way through a hostile mob.”

Source: GBC NEWS

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