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SriBuO makes Ghanaian music available online

204x_mg_oqn_sribuobetalogoGhanaian musicians for sometime now have not benefited from the global impact of online marketing and distribution. When Jay-Z was releasing Blue Print 3, people knew to go to iTunes and download his album for $9.99, same with many other artists all over the world. So why can’t the same be said for an Okyeame Kwame, Okomfour Kwaadee or Bradez’ albums?

Even though there is a demand for Ghanaian music abroad, often times, there isn’t a reliable and efficient system to handle the nuances of distributing Ghanaian works across the globe. This is what a team of young and passionate Ghanaians at home and abroad hope to achieve through the synergy of SriBuO.

SriBuO is a service that seeks to help Ghanaian musicians and record labels to market their music worldwide via the world’s largest and best online platforms. Currently it is able to market to iTunes worldwide, Amazon.com, Real Rhapsody, eMusic and a host of other online music stores.

All that musicians and record labels have to do is to approach SriBuO with their music. After the necessary permissions are obtained, their albums are put online. SriBuO collects and distributes sales payments to the musicians and record labels. They also provide other services that include handling copyright registration and online promotion/marketing.

“We deal with whoever owns the copyrights to the album/music recordings. That could be the distributor, artist or record label. SriBuO takes care of all the hassle involved in getting your music ready for online distribution, we help you market your music and handle payments involved in addition to any tax issues”, says George Armah, Chief Dreaming Officer.

He also guarantees payment of royalties: “If you were dealing with a platform like say for example, iTunes, what guarantee is there that you would get paid your royalties? You signed a legally binding agreement with iTunes and you trust that both you and iTunes will meet your ends of the agreement. It is no different with SriBuO. Our contract spells out all the details of how we deal with the music copyright holders and we trust that both parties will adhere to it.”

Various other platforms have tried to market Ghanaian music via popular online music stores. Others have also built niche websites that are not easily discoverable. There are also some other platforms that offer illegal downloads of Ghanaian music without paying the copyright holders anything. SriBuO on the other hand is trying to put Ghanaian music on the world map like it has never been done before. The team is trying to market more than just music, but also marketing Ghanaian culture.

SriBuO has partnerships with other media houses and organizations in Ghana who are trying to market Ghanaian music to the rest of the world. The group is open to forging new partnerships that will benefit Ghanaian music as a whole. SriBuO is currently working with Bullhaus Entertainment, Paradise Entertainment, Goal’s Multimedia, Black Avenue Music, Duncwills Entertainment, Nature’s Clue Entertainment, Emklan Entertainment, The Last 2 Music Group, LYNX Entertainment and are in talks with other labels. Lovers of Ghanaian music all over the world can currently buy from the SriBuO catalogue for the following artists: 5five, Asem, Richie, Ayigbe Edem, OJ Blaq, 4×4, Dela, Eazzy, Zigi, Iwan, Sarkodie, Nii, Quata, DBlack & Kwaku-T, and Asaase Aban.

SriBuO is currently focusing on contemporary Ghanaian music. Its long term vision however, will be to help anyone in Ghana making music to deliver it to the world online. As SriBuO grows and gains more adoption, Ghanaians should expect a fundamental paradigm shift in the way the music industry operates. Eventually, anyone, anywhere in the world, from Tokyo to Takoradi, Nepal to Namibia, should be able to go online and easily discover and access all the music that Ghana has to offer via SriBuO’s platform.

SriBuO is a registered LLC in the USA with plans to establish a branch in Ghana later this year. The core team is made up of George Armah, Clifford Hodgson and Rosy Fynn but also have some independent contractors, lawyers etc. SriBuO Website: http://sribuo.com/

Credit: modernghana.com

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