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I’m proud of VIP




VIP is said to be the one of the biggest and most celebrated music groups in Ghana but that does not mean they had rosy fields to tread on. 

Friction, the originator and vision bearer of the group went solo in 2001 but the rest of the boys kept the vision in progress till date.

Now, Friction is back in town but certainly not back to the VIP. After he went solo, he released his own album ‘Big trouble’ in 2002 which did not do well and then he travelled out to Holland where he has spent the past seven years of his life.

He told Ghana Music.com in an interview that he left the VIP because of a bigger vision and not because there were any fights. “The group has emerged to be a great group…I wish I was still with the group”, he said.

“VIP has done very impressive stuff. They have won so many awards at the Ghana music Awards as well as the KORA and I understand they have very strong representation in Nigeria”, he said passionately.

“I’m proud of VIP”, the founder of the group said.

Friction has been up to a lot of things over the past seven years. He disclosed that he has received formal training in music from Rock Academy in Holland and now he hopes to launch himself internationally.

He tipped Tinny and Samini as his most phenomenal hip life artistes and he added “they are doing well to market Ghana music”.

“Let’s help the country and the government for the good future of our nation”, he concluded.

Credit: modernghana.com

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