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Public Office Liability Bill out soon

Parliament in session

Parliament in session

Parliament would soon come out with Public Service Liability Bill to check public office holders who misconduct themselves accountable for their deeds.

Mr. Joe Whittal, Director, Legal and Investigation of the Commission on Homan Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), said this at a consultative meeting on code of conduct for the public service held in Bolgatanga.

Some of the principles of the code state that public officers shall not use public office directly or indirectly for private gains, solicit gift, or favour, accept gift or favour directly or indirectly from people which may compromise the objective performance of their official duties.

The code also stipulates that public officials shall not use or permit the use of state property for activities not associated with the performance of their official duties. They are also supposed to maintain political neutrality in performing public function, conduct themselves in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of the Public Service.

Mr. Whittal said the bill would deal with public officers who did not adhere to the tenants of the code of conduct of the Public Office. Some of the sanctions that would be meted out to public officials who violate the code of conduct of the service would be in the form of dismissal and demotion.

He advised public officials to start regulating their conduct by adhering to their own code of conduct so as to become acquainted with the bill when it is passed to avoid being victims.

Mr Whittal said in view of the government’s promise to introduce the Single Spine Salary Structure and the new Pension Reforms there was the need for public officers to abide by the code of conduct of the service and regulate their conduct.

This, he said, would enhance good governance principles, combat corruption, enhance public confidence and public confidence and integrity of the public service and thereby increase production.

Source: GBC NEWS

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