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Murdered Student’s Boyfriend Confesses

Patrick Agbeve

Patrick Agbeve

TWENTY-TWO-year-old Patrick Agbeve, aka Vision, the remedial student of Power College in Ho who was arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of 20-year-old student Annie Mensah, has confessed that he was actually at the scene before the murder.

He further claimed that he has been in an intimate relationship with the deceased for the past month, before her untimely death last week Wednesday at the premises of the college. Agbeve subsequently led the police to retrieve his blood-soaked cloths from a latrine close to his hostel. He had dumped the cloths into the latrine after the incident.

Annie, a remedial student, was gunned down last Wednesday at around 10:30pm when she had gone to a classroom to burn the proverbial midnight candle towards a the ‘NovDec’ West African Examination Council Examination which had cancelled due to their wide leakage.

Agbeve’s books were found by the police when they visited the scene on Thursday. He was reportedly seen with the deceased earlier that night although he had initially denied knowing anything about the whole incident.

Agbeve finally confessed that he was at the scene when the lady was shot after rigorous interrogation. He however insisted that he was not the shooter, adding that he saw two masked men attack and shoot Annie.

According to a police source, Agbeve revealed that on the night of the shooting, he left the deceased alone in the class because he was feeling sleepy. But after sometime the deceased came to call him because she needed escorting back to her hostel since it was dark.

He alleged that on their way the deceased decided to retrieve her books from one of the classrooms, but he adviced her against it. She however refused so he waited for her outside the classroom while she went inside to get the books.

Agbeve then alleged that he saw two masked men enter the room demanding for Annie’s phone, she allegedly resisted. The suspect told the police that it was in the course of the argument that he heard a gunshot, followed by Annie’s scream. He alleged that the masked men immediately run from the classroom towards the female hostel.

He (Agbeve) then rushed to see what had happened, but on the way saw Annie moving out weakly from the classroom. He then helped her out onto the compound where she died in his hands.

Agbeve, scared that he would be linked to the murder, bolted from the scene, dumping his cloths in the process to avoid any suspicion. Sources at the police station however revealed that the investigation team is baffled by the explanation because even though Agbeve claimed he did not enter the classroom, a black right-footed slipper belonging to him was found in a corner along with his books, while the left-footed slipper was found near the body.

Three other suspects were arrested along with Agbeve. Joshua Dzogbede, also a remedial student, was arrested because, according to police sources, one of his books was found at the crime scene. The other two suspects were arrested because they were sleeping in one of the classrooms on the night of incident, even though they were not students in the college.

A visit to the School by DAILY GUIDE on Sunday night revealed that while many of the female students had vacated the hostel for fear of being attacked; their male counterparts have decided to remain indoors in the night.

A source close to the deceased’s father also told DAILY GUIDE that Annie’s father had invested a lot into her education because he saw great promise in her. According to the source, as a result, though Annie got pregnant in the course of her education, her father immediately sent her back to school immediately after she gave birth. The four suspects will be arraigned before a Ho court today.

Source: dailyguideghana

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