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JJ’s Man Killed

Adam Seini & Wife

Adam Seini & Wife

A CELL phone repairer, Adam Seini Manso, and his pregnant wife were last Sunday October 18 gunned down in a hail of bullets in a gangster style at Middle East, a suburb of Ashaiman near Tema.

Both victims were rushed to the Tema General Hospital where Adam Manso was pronounced dead, while his wife is receiving treatment. Adam Manso, popularly called Tony or Fusseini, became popular in the neighbourhood when a section of the media reported that he was alleged to have been ‘tapped on the shoulder’ by former President Jerry John Rawlings, when the former visited Ashaiman during the 2004 presidential campaign.

Fusseini, who claimed that he was attacked on Thursday March 25, 2004 by Mr Rawlings, told DAILY GUIDE at the time that the former President dragged him into his car and assaulted him, with the accusation that he was disrespectful.

Fusseini’s torn shirt was later deposited with the police for further investigations. Former Spokesperson to Mr Rawlings, Emmanuel Victor Smith, later apologised for the unprovoked assault inflicted on the hapless phone repairer, who has now been dispatched to the world beyond by unknown assailants.

A friend of the deceased, while shedding tears, narrated the sequence of events to DAILY GUIDE: “I am told that he was having his supper when he suddenly heard knocks on his door and when he went to see who was there, his killer opened fire on him, spraying about seven bullets in the process which I hear caught him in most parts of his body”.

His seven-month pregnant wife, who was home with him at the time, on hearing the gunshots, rushed to the entrance of their compound-house room where the incident happened and was also not spared, as her husband’s killers shot her in both legs and fled the scene immediately.

According to the friend, the victim was earlier seen in the company of friends, most of whom were Dagomba boys at two separate ceremonies, one of which was a marriage ceremony and the other a naming ceremony.

The deceased, a native of Tamale in the Northern region, was reported to have left the naming ceremony and passed by his shop, located at Kaketo, also a suburb of Ashaiman, before finally getting  home about 6:00 pm that same day.

Residents of the area said they noticed a car arrive at a spot near the deceased’s home and the occupants pointed the house to two other persons on a motorbike who themselves moved closer and parked right opposite the house.

The bikers and occupants of the car were reported to have turned their car and the motorbike to the direction they came from and after a few minutes, one of the bikers got down and went straight to the door of Adam where he opened fire on him immediately the deceased opened the door to see who had come to see him.

The killer ran back to the spot where his colleagues were waiting, quickly jumped onto the bike and sped off in the same direction they came from. The occupants of the car, which arrived earlier and showed the bikers the door of the deceased, was also said to have quickly driven off from the place where it was parked.

A neighbour, according to some eye-witnesses, tried blocking the path of the bikers but quickly gave way when one of them pointed his gun at the said resident. Registration numbers of both the car and the motorbike could not be mentioned as the assailants fled the scene as quickly as they had appeared.

Meanwhile, some residents are virtually living in fear, following the shooting and killing of one of them by persons believed to be members of a gang that is specialized in killing people at the request of others who may have scores to settle with their targets.

Alhaji Shaidu Nakpale, described as ‘father’ of the deceased, expressed shock because a few hours before his death, Fusseini was with him at both the marriage and naming ceremonies.

“I just couldn’t believe the news when I heard about his death, until I went to the hospital where I actually saw his corpse and his injured wife before I came to terms with the sad news,” he told DAILY GUIDE.

The deceased was reported to have mentioned to his pregnant wife and friends that he was getting some threatening text messages on his mobile phone from some unknown persons. When DAILY GUIDE checked at the Ashaiman police station to verify if the incident was reported, the station officer and other senior officers at the station were attending a meeting at the Tema Police Regional Command and therefore nobody could talk to the paper.

There was however a large number of members of the Dagomba community in Ashaiman who had stormed the station to plead with officials to hasten the process of post-mortem so as to allow them bury the deceased in accordance with his Islam beliefs.

Source: dailyguideghana

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