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Father In Trouble For Turning Daughter Into ‘Wife’

Yaw with his daughter & childern

Yaw with his daughter & childern

By what stretch of imagination could one turn his own biological daughter into a ‘wife,’ sexually abuse her and produce two children out of such an incestuous and morally reprehensible relationship?

How would the children of such a relationship and the daughter-turned-wife call such a man? Is he a husband, a father, or what, to the mother and children?  Well, that is the story of 45-year-old Sah Yaw and his 20-year-old daughter, Akosua Yeli, all citizens of Duadasuo No. 2 near Sampa in the Jaman North District of the Brong Ahafo Region.

For luring his own daughter to bed, a Circuit Court at Berekum, presided over by Mr I.B. Akwantey, did not take kindly to such an illegal and beastly act, and will on October 27, 2009, sentence Sah Yaw after convicting him on his own plea of the offence of incest.

Sah, a cashew farmer, had divorced the mother of Akosua when the latter was very young. The two divorcees lived at Duadasuo No. 2 but at different suburbs.  Akosua was living with the mother after the breakdown of her parents’ marriage until a young man impregnated her.

It was when the man who had impregnated Akosua refused to accept responsibility for the pregnancy that the girl’s mother thought it wise to send her to her father. The purpose was to see if Sah could get the young man who put Akosua in the family way to accept responsibility.

Sah was successful at his attempt at getting the man to accept responsibility but refused to marry Akosua. She, therefore, remained in her father’s house at Duadasuo No. 2 until one day, her father informed her that he had acquired a farm at Sefwi Boodi in the northern part of the Western Region and so wanted the two of them to move there to work on the farm.

This, according to Akosua, was three years ago. She did not suspect, that her father could even dream of making sexual advances at her. However, whilst at Sefwi Boodi, her father had intimacy with her several times resulting in a pregnancy, which produced a baby boy who is now two years old.

Out of fright Akosua said she could not complain or escape and had to succumb to her father’s sexual desires, which resulted in a second pregnancy, which also produced another baby boy who is now two months old.

By some twist of fate, one day Sah permitted her daughter-turned-sexual partner to visit her mother at Duadasuo No. 2 whom she had not seen for a long time.  Sah, however, advised his daughter not to tell anybody that he fathered her children, and that she should tell anybody who asked of the father of the children that the father was at Dibebi, another town near Duadasuo No. 2.

After happily receiving her daughter, Akosua Yeli’s mother wanted to know the father of her grandsons. Akosua did not tell her despite her persistence. Akosua’s mother, therefore, petitioned Akosua’s uncle, Sie Kwame, to intervene so that the family would know the father of the children.

It was through the laborious persuasion by Sie that the cat was let out of the bag and Sah Yaw, Akosua Yeli’s father, was said to be the father of her children. Sah Yaw was therefore lured to Duadasuo No. 2. The police in the town arrested him after a report had been made to them by his own brother, Sie Kwame.

He was subsequently transferred to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service at Berekum. According to Inspector Wilfred Appiah, Sah admitted that he was the father of his daughter’s children. Consequently, he was arraigned before the Circuit Court at Berekum, presided over by Mr Akwantey and charged with incest.

Source: modernghana.com

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