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Ayew hails coach Tetteh




Ghana U20 captain Andre Dede Ayew has praised coach, Sellas Tetteh for instilling confidence in players that enabled them to win the World Under-20 Cup in Egypt last Friday. 

 Speaking at a press conference in Accra on Monday, Ayew, the son of prominent former footballer Abedi Ayew Pele, said Sellas Tetteh made them to understand that Africans could achieve high laurels therefore they should fight hard to win the covetous cup for Africa and Ghana.

He told the press that the players would never forget the role the Satellites coach had played in their careers and that they would be always grateful to him.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Coach Tetteh hailed the players and stressed that it was not an easy task to beat their Brazilian counterparts 4-3 on penalty shoot out with 10 men in the just ended Under-20 Youth Championship in Egypt.

Meanwhile, the success bestowed by Tetteh had made most Ghanaians believe that Africans were capable of managing their own affairs as radio and television discussions as well as newspaper editorials on Monday all focused on the need for Africans to manage their own affairs.

Dede also thanked the government for getting the team’s bonuses to them on time, not forgetting the support from the whole continent with special emphasis on Egypt.

Coach Sellas Tetteh also expressed his admiration of the captain, saying, “What his father could not do, his young boy has done it.”

He added, however, that “No team has been this consistent, wining three tournaments in a stretch…Anyone who has found himself in this team should be proud. 

Credit: moderghana.com

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