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NPP Nails BNI Gunman

Fred Tetteh

Fred Tetteh

GOVERNMENT HAS been accused of silently shielding the self-confessed National Security Agent who armed himself with a loaded gun and fired several live bullets into a crowd of New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters during last month’s by-election at Chereponi.

A video recording of the incident captured the shooter dressed in a pair of blue tracks and a white lactose shirt, as he fired with gleeful impunity into a group of people wearing NPP-branded shirts and also into the air.

The video recording further captured a number of armed police personnel watching with a hapless indifference as the shooter, who is believed to be called Fred Tetteh, run riot in a horrific display of what harm he can do with a loaded gun.

The shooter, upon his arrest three weeks ago at Chereponi, was reported to have claimed to be a National Security Agent and was subsequently transferred to Accra for further investigation. He has been apparently released without facing any court trial.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) yesterday held a news conference during which the party accused the law enforcement agencies of feet-dragging and preventing justice to take its cause.

“If the said Fred Tetteh is what he claims to be, then it establishes the perception that the National Security apparatus is being used as a paramilitary organization to terrorize political opponents,” Nana Ohene Ntow, NPP General Secretary, noted in his address to journalists at Thursday’s news conference.

The NPP Chief Scribe noted further that “if the prosecution of a man who is caught firing at political opponents cannot start, almost three weeks after the commission of such a heinous crime, then the President Mills-led NDC government is telling Ghanaians that they condone violence and have endorsed these barbaric behaviors as the only way to win and consolidate their hold on power.”

The NPP news conference claimed the said Fred Tetteh had been seen at various parts of the Chereponi town leading a keep-fit jogging exercise with supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and had been bragging loudly that his strong links within the corridors of power makes him an “untouchable”.

“We call on the police to bring to book the man whose identity has been given as Fred Tetteh, who engaged in the senseless shooting of innocent citizens in Chereponi on Sunday, September 27 and who to date has been left to go scot-free in spite of his murderous conduct.

“We also charge the Mills Administration to show its respect for the rule of law by calling all perpetrators of political violence and lawlessness to book, irrespective of their connections to the state security apparatus, in order to secure for our dear nation a safe democratic society,” Ohene Ntow noted.

The news conference was attended by NPP National Chairman; Peter Mac Manu, National Organizer; Lord Commey, Minority Chief Whip; Fred Opare Ansah, Greater Accra NPP Chairman; Sammy Crabbe, Greater Accra Women’s Organizer; Vida Dugbatey and a host of party notables.

Source: dailyguideghana

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