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NPP criticizes policeaction in arresting suspected gunman

Ohene Ntow

Ohene Ntow

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has asked government to speed up the prosecution of a young man who was allegedly arrested for firing bullets into a crowd of NPP supporters in Cheriponi during the by election.

According to the leadership of the party, although the suspect, identified only as Fred Tetteh, was transferred to Accra for prosecution, nothing seems to have been done, three weeks on.  At a news conference in Accra on Thursday, general secretary of the NPP, Nana Ohene Ntow, showed a video footage of Fred Tetteh wielding a pistol and entering the crowd.

Nana Ntow said Fred Tetteh must not be allowed to escape punishment, adding, the party is ready to cooperate with the security agencies to arrest the culprit. These issues, indeed, add fodder to general concerns by the party that, increasingly, violence and lawlessness are becoming a part of Ghana’s electoral process.

When officials of the Ghana Police Service were contacted for the latest in the case of Fred Tetteh, the Director of Public Affairs, DSP Kwesi Ofori, said he is updating himself on the matter and would speak to the media as soon as he lays hands on the information.

Nana Ntow also spoke about reported guerrilla training camps in some parts of the country. “These are things that the intelligence and security agencies ought to get into in deeper detail and assure Ghanaians that we have got, we have checked and there is nothing like that,” he said, “or that we have gone, we have checked it does exist, we are dealing with it.”

Source: Ghanamma.com

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