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Asokwa MP,Constituency executives under fire

Maxwell Jumah

Maxwell Jumah

The Member of Parliament for Asokwa, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, and some NPP constituency executives have come under fire from about one hundred polling station executives, who are accusing them of violating procedures for compiling list of delegates for polling station elections.

Since last year the MP has been in strained relations with 17 polling station executives. He had, in turn, accused them of campaigning for an independent candidate in last year’s parliamentary election.

The polling station executives were suspended after Mr. Jumah threatened to resign from the party. Similar allegations of electoral malfeasance have occurred in the Bantama Constituency. The polling station executives in Asokwa said Mr. Jumah and the constituency chairman compiled the list in the house of the MP contrary to directives from party’s national headquarters.

They want the elections nullified and fresh polls organized. They accused the two personalities of handpicking their favorite candidates for the no-contest positions. One of the petitioners, Michael Gyasi Frimpong accused Mr. Jumah and the constituency chairman for turning the party as their personal property.

But Mr. Kofi Jumah has rubbished the claims of the executives describing the process in the constituency as one of the best. He says he used his house for the process because the constituency office has been locked as a result of protracted legal battle. Meanwhile, a source close to the National Executives says the concerns of the aggrieved executives would be investigated.

Source: Ghanamma.com

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