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Western chiefs angry with Mills over Sipa Yankey’s successor

Dr Yankey

Dr Yankey

Some of the traditional leaders in the Western Region have protested against President Mills’ decision to appoint someone outside the region to replace Dr. George Sipa Yankey as Minister of Health.

The chiefs, who spoke to The Chronicle on condition of anonymity, noted that though Dr Yankey’s successor is a Ghanaian and, therefore, merits the position, the decision had deprived the Western Region of representation in cabinet, which is contrary to the constitutional provision that there must be regional balance in the appointment of Ministers.

With the resignation of Dr. Yankey over the Mabey and Johnson bribery scandal, the Western region at the moment does not have anybody serving in the capacity of a cabinet Minister. Those in government are all deputy Ministers.

Commenting on the issue, the President of the Western Regional House of Chief and paramount chief of Lower Axim Traditional area noted that his colleagues were justified in raising the issue.

According to Awulae Attibrukusu, who is also the Vice President of the National House of Chiefs (NHC), no Westerner should be happy that the region has no representative in Mills’ cabinet.

“Why should I be happy that no indigene has been nominated to replace Dr. Yankey,” he said in an interview with a Chronicle reporter Wednesday.

He argued that though Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor, who has been elevated by the President to replace Dr. Yankey was equally competent, it would have been a sign of respect to the Western region if an indigene had taken over from Dr. Yankey. The NHC President vowed to join the crusade to get a Westerner into the cabinet of the government.

Another paramount chief in the Nzema traditional Area, who is noted for his anti-corruption crusade, on his part said he was visibly worried over the President’s failure to nominate an indigene of the region to take over from Dr. Sipa Yankey.

He said, “you know some of us have been tagged and we don’t want to come out to speak on such an issue”.  It is believed that the regional House of Chiefs would this Friday meet to make its position clear on the subject.

Source: modernghana.com

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