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US And Russia Vow Unity Over Iran

Dmitry and Barack Obama

Dmitry and Barack Obama

Russia and the US have pledged to work together to ensure Iran’s nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes. After talks with her counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised Russia for its “extremely co-operative” work.

Mrs Clinton said Iran’s programme was of “serious concern”, but the US was not seeking further sanctions for now. Mr Lavrov said Russia was “very reserved” about such a move. Iran says it is not developing nuclear weapons. But it recently revealed it had a second uranium plant.

Mrs Clinton, in Moscow at the end of a five-day European tour, told a joint news conference with Mr Lavrov that Russia had “been extremely co-operative in the work that we have done together” on Iran.

The secretary of state said the US was not seeking further sanctions pending talks between big powers and Iran – but she added that it could do so “in the absence of significant progress and assurance that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons”.

Mr Lavrov said neither country had asked the other for anything in dealing with Iran, but that “our positions coincide”. “Threats of sanctions and threats of pressure in the current situation are, in our opinion, counterproductive,” he told the news conference.

The BBC’s Rupert Wingfled-Hayes in Moscow says Mrs Clinton was looking for a solid commitment from Mr Lavrov, but did not get one. Both Mr Lavrov and Mrs Clinton also said there had been considerable progress in talks on a new treaty to reduce the two countries’ nuclear arsenals.

The US secretary of state is due to meet President Dmitry Medvedev at his private residence outside Moscow later. No quid pro quo, President Barack Obama, who met Mr Medvedev in July, has pledged to reset relations with Russia.

Source: dailyguideghana

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