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Man Kills Wife Over Sex

Joyce Yeboah

Joyce Yeboah

A 60-YEAR-OLD man, Anane Dacosta, has appeared before a circuit court at Dormaa Ahenkro for allegedly butchering his wife in cold-blood at Wamfie in the Dorman East District of the Brong Ahafo Region. Joyce Yeboah, 45, was stabbed several times around the chest and neck on Monday midnight in a mad frenzy by her husband. The body has since been deposited at the Dormaa Hospital for autopsy.

According to the Wamfie Police, Anane admitted to committing the crime when he appeared before the court on Thursday and would re-appear on September 10. The suspect told the court that he felt possessed by some “uncontrollable spirits” to kill the wife.

The Prosecutor said Anane, realizing that the wife was dead, bolted to an unknown destination, but on Tuesday, he went to a nearby village and surrendered himself to one Kwame Alata, who being aware of the hunt for the suspect, took him to the Police at Wamfie.

Information gathered by DAILY GUIDE indicated that the alleged killer was believed to have requested for sex from his wife; and that her refusal to grant this request led to the brutal murder. Earlier, the Wamfie District Police Officer, A.A. Duodu, told DAILY GUIDE that the 60-year-old alleged killer had been transferred to the Divisional Headquarters at Dormaa Ahenkro due to the tension in town, as a mob wanted to lynch him.

An eleven-year-old son of the accused, Kyere Dacosta, who was sleeping with the mother at the time of the incident, said he heard his mother screaming and quickly got up to call for the assistance of a security man nearby, adding that the father did not sleep with them in the kiosk due to the couple’s marital problems.

According to Little Dacosta, at the time of going out for the assistance, he saw his father walking out of the room and did not see him again until his arrest. Residents of the town told DAILY GUIDE in an interview that the marriage between the two had hit the rocks in recent times, with the man sleeping in his house at one part of the town while the victim slept in a store room with the son at the centre of the town.

Source: dailyguideghana

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