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Cadman Mills shouldn’t give up on Oman Ghana Trust Fund

OmanWise men have said certain statements that reflect on the situation right now, i.e,…Hungry eyes can never see… If one doesn’t know, he or she is thought… One soul armed with truth, courage and dedication can change the destiny of a nation…..There is no force however formidable that a united people cannot overcome said Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Indeed, we the Friends of Oman Ghana Trust Fund believe that this project is not mythical and senseless as described by Dr. Cadman Mills on an Accra and Tema based Radio Stations, City and Adom FMs last Friday.

The Doyen of Ghanaian Politics, the Late Dr. J.B. Danquah once said: “The hour of liberation has struck”. Yes indeed the hour to act is now. It has always been the saying that; “If wise men refuse to do the right thing they would end up doing nothing”. Throughout history, it has been the inactions of those who should have acted, indifference of those who should have known better and the silence of the voice of Justice when it mattered most that has made it possible for evil to triumph

The Friends of Oman Ghana Trust Fund is calling on the Dr. Cadman Mills to alert him that we are part of the developmental process since that is what democracy means. His assignment to be in charge of this project is timely as he is also the head of Government Financial Recovery Team. This is a true challenge to him to bring his experience to bear.

As the saying goes little minds discuses people, average minds discuses events and great minds discuses ideas. It is also by the devoted day to day services of many ordinary and unknown citizens that a nation is built.

In view of this, Dr. Cadman Mills should listen to the voices of the many innocent and ordinary Ghanaians who are suffering and are calling on him to bring his rich experience in the international finance industry to help develop Ghana. As every single second counts in the administration of governance and leadership during NDC tenure of office till 2012, it is also the same way that the retrieval of this money can save millions of people from hunger, preventable and curable diseases by providing quality education and health care and the creation of jobs. This is all what Ghanaians are asking for, Food, Shelter and Clothing, the basic needs of life.

The group thinks if the NDC say they are Nkrumaist then nothing prevents them from believing in Osagyfo’s legacy which we also do and has highly being acclaimed by many people across the globe as one that would forever stand the test of time. Today everybody says Osagyfo is a hero and hundred years of his birth is been celebrated.

Ghana’s hidden treasure has been found and nothing prevents us from retrieving it the proper way. If others have failed, that doesn’t me we will fail too. But then from the way Cadman spoke on City Fm Friday sounded as if he has given up in failure before even starting by not having patience to understand the historical antecedents, the hard facts, the mistakes and missteps and the way forward for OGTF retrieval.

In fact Dr. Cadman Mills should not contradict himself since his statements lacks clarity and precision. The chronicle newspaper has reported him as having said that the President charged him to look at the statements that Mr. Frazier had made about the fund and present his opinion to the President.

According to Cadman “Mr. Frazier initially created the impression that he was doing the transaction just to help the country to retrieve the funds, but he later demanded too much before he will give the money to Ghana. This is not true; rather before Ghana gives Frazier anything Ghana must first have all of Oman Ghana money in her hands. This is exactly what was contained in the draft agreement that is on the President’s desk as well as Dr. Cadman.

“Cadman further stated that he has been approached by names that were too many to mention, who were also making claims of ownership, adding that this thing is one of the biggest jobs that I have been approached by so many people with all sorts of proposals,” the paper quoted him.

The committee that we have asked to be setup by Government that would make up the retrieval team will evaluate the genuineness of the deferent claims and come up with the truth.

Furthermore contrary to this on City FM and Adom FM last Friday, Cadman said he doubts if the Oman Ghana Trust Account, believed to hold billions of dollars of money belonging to Ghana really exist. The President’s brother described the Account as “mythical and senseless” and further said we the Friends of Oman Ghana Trust Fund are jokers. We hope Cadman is aware that this is not games, but rather saving human lives and building a better Ghana and should be circumspect in his statements.

Friends of Oman Ghana Trust Fund are calling on Cadman to take caution in his tone. Posterity will not forgive him and Ghanaians are watching. With his rich experience we are only calling on him to understand the rules of engagement and to follow it. He must not give up thinking because he’s not come across a project of this magnitude before it means it is a hoax, it is not. Cadman lets go the proper way and get our money.

We are aware of President Mills’ preparedness to relieve Ghanaians from poverty. President’s Mills is a believer of the Oman Ghana Trust Fund who wants to use Oman Ghana Trust Fund Money to build a better Ghana. May God give him the strength in other to fulfill his goals?

Our leader of the Friends of Oman Ghana Trust Fund, Mr. Kobla Asamani said Dr. Cadman Mills’ words have inspired us to prove the truth and bring this money all to Ghana. He said President Mills is the best man for the job and for the development of Ghana citing that the Friends of Oman Ghana Trust Fund have not given up and are battle ready to this laudable course.

Signed: Senior Spokesperson Atali Mensah

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